We help businesses grow their team from the inside out.

Who's the smartest person you know? Now imagine asking your own team this question every week. This is how we grow your team.

How it works

Awareness via email

When your company starts growing, infomation starts getting lost between departments. The support team doesn't know the hiring requirements of the tech team. We periodically keep your employees informed on how you're trying to grow your team.

Sudonum wants to clone you!

Hi Sheena,

Sudonum wants more people just like you and they're willing to pay you for it. So while their cloning machine is still in development (they are very close), they need you to be on the lookout for people with the following skills:

It's as simple as sharing the above link with a friend and receiving your bonus when they get the job.

If you have any questions, just respond to this email. See you next week for another update.

Jason from Watercooler

word of mouth

Referrals from employees

When every employee knows what your company needs, they start filling the gaps with their personal network of friends & family. We keep track of who shares and who applies as a result. Remember, your current employees are the perfect model for future employees.

happy birthday

Bonuses to your team

Stop paying recruiters and start rewarding your own employees. Hiring new employees can have long lasting effects on your company, so keep everyone properly incentivised. We help you determine a good employee bonus for each new position.

"Ask any top performing company where their best employees come from and they'll tell you – it's employee referrals every time!"




per employee, per month
  • 1 - 4 employees
  • Unlimited open positions
  • Unlimited applicants
  • Analytics dashboard



per employee, per month
  • 5 - 250 employees
  • Unlimited open positions
  • Unlimited applicants
  • Analytics dashboard



  • 250+ employees
  • Unlimited open positions
  • Unlimited applicants
  • Analytics dashboard

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